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TPEA Research and Development Grant 2021 - Now Closed

We intend to award grants of up to £1000 to advance knowledge in the field and to help TPEA achieve the charity’s goals. We expect to award up to two grants in this round. We welcome applications for new research projects including empirical work and literature surveys or for activities to communicate and disseminate research findings. We will accept applications that build on and extend existing work. Applications must show how the project will support one or both of our charitable aims to advance education for the public benefit by:
  • promoting research and effective practice in the use of digital technologies and
  • supporting initial and continuing teacher professional development, in the field of the effective use of educational technologies.

We will require all projects to produce a short final Project Report to be published on the TPEA website that describes the projects aims and outcomes. We would also expect projects to result in additional outputs, for example, a TPEA blog, conference presentation or publication as a research chapter or article.

Application criteria

  1. Membership criteria
    Applications are invited from TPEA Membersplus+. All applicants must have a current Membersplus+ subscription at the time of application (either individual or as a part of an institutional membership). Only one grant will be awarded per institutional membership. Applicants from teams are encouraged – the principal applicant must have a Memberplus+ account but other team members are not required to have active subscriptions.
  2. Quality criteria
    a) Are the proposed project aims aligned with the TPEA charitable objectives and likely to result in knowledge or activity of relevance to the TPEA membership?
    b) Is the proposed project (including methods and activities) clear, appropriate and acheivable?
    c) Does the proposed project clearly build on existing knowledge?
    d) Does the applicant (or team) have the capability to deliver the outcomes?
    e) How likely is the project to result in a publishable outcome relevant to academics and practitioners in the field?
    f) Is there evidence of potential for impact on practice and/or policy?

How to apply

Applications must be made using this TPEA application form and sent by email to “” with the subject line “2021 Grant Application”. We will acknowledge receipt of application within 7 days. Applications via other methods will not be considered.
Applications will be scored against the criteria above by a panel appointed by the TPEA Executive Committee. The panel may request additional information from applicants to support their decision making. We reserve the right not to award any grants if no applications are of sufficient quality or to make awards conditional on minor changes to the proposal.


  • Applications must be submitted by 30th November 2021
  • Applicants will be notified of the outcomes in January 2022
  • The project must be completed by 1st December 2022
  • Grants will be paid on submission of the Project Report. Applications may request up to 50% of the grant to be paid earlier but this must be justified in the application and linked to key deliverables.

Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2021 Grant. Applications are now closed and successful applicants will be notified shortly.