Digital Technologies and the Teaching Profession

At our 32nd joint conference at Winchester University, members of The Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education (ITTE – founded in 1986) and the MirandaNet Fellowship ( – founded in 1992) were invited to share their thinking about how digital tools might assist the recruitment and retention of teachers as this is a key policy issue for the DfE. The enclosed report summarises our membership’s responses and suggests opportunities to work together with the DfE to develop these suggestions further.

The key suggestions covered in this report are:

  • Re-recruit the ICT teachers
  • Provide guidance on ways of working digitally
  • Ensure the sustainability of teacher resources
  • Provide a CPD entitlement
  • Provide access to research and best practice
  • Portfolios of professional achievement
  • Involve edtech companies

Click here to see the report.