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During the year, TPEA will be organising a series of free webinars focused on some of our key concerns, including: the use of technology in schools, the teaching of computing, and the training of teachers. The webinars are intended to share research-based knowledge freely and to provide an opportunity for teachers, teacher-educators and those doing research to keep up to date and to share ideas and challenges. Each webinar will begin with a short panel discussion and then invite participants to contribute to debate and discussion.

Use the links below to register for webinars and to receive log on details. Webinars are conducted over Microsoft Teams and are free to all. If you are a TPEA Member and wish to suggest a topic for future webinars or volunteer to join a webinar panel, please contact us via

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Wednesday 29th March 5pm – 6pm via MS Teams

In this webinar, we invite colleagues involved in Initial Teacher Education to share their thoughts and ideas about the current state of ITE for computing and technology. Whether you are focused on the ITT Core Content Framework, preparing to be inspected, ensuring your trainee teachers are well prepared for school, or just worrying about recruitment, this will be a supportive space to share ideas and to support each other.

Our panel for this webinar includes Chris Shelton, Chair of TPEA and Head of Education at the University of Chichester, Rachel Arthur, Head of Computing at Teach First, and Miles Berry, Professor of Computing Education at the University of Roehampton

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Wednesday 19th April 5pm – 6pm via MS Teams

In this webinar, some of the authors of the forthcoming book Teaching and Learning with Technology in Primary Schools will discuss how we can use technology to engage with parents and extend learning through after-school clubs. We invite all teachers and colleagues interested in technology in educations to contribute to our discussions.

Our panel for this webinar includes Richard Millwood and Nina Bresnihan speaking about OurKidsCode – Family Learning in the Context of Computer Science Education, and Marian Henry speaking about her experiences Running an After-School Film Club

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Wednesday 24th May 5pm – 6pm via MS Teams

In this webinar, we will explore some of the most critical issues facing education technology today including artificial intelligence, ethics and critical thinking. We invite all teachers, researcher and colleagues interested in these topics to contribute to our discussions.

Our panel for this webinar includes Jan Fazlagić speaking on AI should make education easier. Really? and Rob Howe speaking on Sci-fi 2 Sci-fact: Can AI create the perfect tutor?

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Wednesday 21st June 5pm – 6pm via MS Teams

In this webinar, we consider the teaching of computing in schools. Panel members will discuss some of the issues, pedagogical approaches and research that is influencing how they think about and teach computing. We invite all teachers of computing, researcher and interested colleagues to contribute to our discussions.

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July - The TPEA Conference

Monday 3rd July and Tuesday 4th July – in person!

In July, there won’t be a TPEA webinar as we will be meeting face-to-face at the 2023 TPEA Conference in Bedford. 

Find out more about the 2023 TPEA Conference