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There are so many ways in which you can keep up-to-date with all of the activities from the Technology, Pedagogy and Education Association. Whether you prefer email, social media, or frequently checking in on our website, there’s always a way of receiving the latest news using the links below.

Our Newsletter

The TPEA Newsletter is published once every quarter, and summarises all the updates for our events and publications from our members. The editor of the newsletter, Christina Preston, has been at the forefront of edtech for over 25 years. Her background is English, Drama and Media studies which is the reason why in the 1980s, she agreed to author Scoop and Newsnet, the adventure games about IT for schools, in the early 1980s. 


Covid-19 and the role of technology and pedagogy on school education during a pandemic

TPEA Journal call for papers. The spread of Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in schools closing and a global increase in technological solutions to enable children and young people to continue learning. This has highlighted and maybe changed the role of technology in education. This special issue of the TPEA journal will examine how different jurisdictions responded and what we can learn about the role of technology in education.

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