Institutional Membership

Membership of TPEA offers a range of valuable benefits including copies of our journal, full access to our online resources and community and discounts on events. For a full list of membership benefits, please visit our membership page.

As well as individual memberships, Technology, Pedagogy and Education Association (TPEA) offers an institutional membership. This is designed for universities, SCITTs, schools or companies with 3 or more colleagues who wish to access the membership benefits.

Institutional membership allows up to 5 colleagues in the same organisation to access the MembersPlus benefits. There is of course, no limit to the number of colleagues who can hold free memberships.

Institutional Membership Details

Cost: £80 annual membership subscription

Key Benefits:

  • 1 copy of Technology, Pedagogy and Education per institution
  • 5 MembersPlus accounts (including individual access to online journals and ability to apply for funding opportunities if available)
  • Discounts on events and conference attendance for up to 5 individuals

Please note, an institutional membership is NOT a replacement for a library journal subscription. Institutional members are not permitted to share access to online journals with others in their institution nor to loan print copies through their library.

Managing Institutional Memberships

Every member of TPEA needs an individual ‘MembersPlus’ account on our website. To join TPEA as in institutional member, you will need to nominate one colleague as the lead contact for TPEA. From the lead contact’s membership account, you will be able to manage the membership accounts for yourself and for up to 4 colleagues. 

Lead contacts are given a unique ‘discount code’ that they can give to colleagues so that they can sign up for their own MembersPlus accounts at no cost. From the lead contact’s membership account, you can view who is currently signed up using your discount code. You can have accounts for yourself and up to 4 colleagues at any one time – if a colleague leaves, you can revoke their access from your membership account and give the code to someone else. View a short video demonstrating how to manage institutional memberships.

If you decide not to renew your institutional membership, then the lead account and any colleague accounts will revert to the free ‘Members’ level.

Applying for institutional membership

There are two ways to pay for institutional membership:

By credit card

You can set up your institutional membership account instantly by purchasing it via credit card online. You can select either automatically renewal annually or to renew manually – the key contact will receive reminder emails from 30 days before renewal is due. This account should be set up by the person who will be the key contact for TPEA at the institution.
If you are not the key contact and wish to set up an institutional membership on behalf of someone else, please use the institutional payment page to purchase your subscription. You will also need to email ‘’ with the name of the person you wish to be the lead contact so that we can set this up for you. The lead contact will need to set up a free TPEA Members account and we will upgrade this to an institutional membership (and notify them via email).


Institutions wishing to purchase an institutional membership via BACS should contact with a Purchase Order number. The Membership Secretary will then issue an invoice. The lead contact will need to set up a free TPEA Members account – on payment of the invoice, the  Membership Secretary will upgrade this to an institutional membership (and notify them via email). You will then be able to access the ‘discount code’ to set up other MemberPlus accounts. Please note, that TPEA is staffed entirely by volunteers and to manage BACS invoices, we issue these memberships on the basis of our membership year (April – March each year). Therefore, your renewal invoice will be sent during the April following the start of the membership, regardless of the date your membership began.