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Covid-19 and the role of technology

TPEA Journal call for papers. The spread of Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in schools closing and a global increase in technological solutions to enable children and young people to continue learning.

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Couldn’t be BETTer!

Fresh from the excitement of this year’s BETT show at Excel, Dr Elizabeth Hidson from the University of Sunderland captures her thoughts on the event.

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Research safaris

At BETT 2020 TPEA introduced the idea of research safaris -linking the research members presented at BETT  to international audiences to educational products which bring benefits to learners. Learn more about the Research Safaris and of the benefits of joining TPEA from this new members video.

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APPy or UnAPPY kids: Should young children learn online more?

This week, the Department for Education (DfE) published a list of the top six educational apps for two-to five-year-olds to encourage parents to boost their children’s learning at home in speaking, writing and reading.

But is more time online a good or bad thing for young children?

Dr Jane Murray, Associate Professor in Education (Early Years) and Dr Helen Caldwell, Senior Lecturer in Education (ITE) from the University of Northampton argue the cases for and against.

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New Year, New Topic?

by Elizabeth Hidson

Can it be that we have been stuck for so long in this loop of arguing about the old ICT curriculum versus the new Computing curriculum?

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The Power of Song

by Ian Rae

I have never failed to be surprised by the incredible power of music to re-create memories. I only have to hear a piece of music from my past and almost immediately my mind will go back to the time when I first heard that piece of music, or I will be reminded of locations and occasions where and when I used to hear it played.

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Adam and Me: Are Robots Robotic?

by Christina Preston

I might just be an identifiable algorithm to the retail industry but I am responding to their messages like a sentient human being. Last week Marks and Spencer told me they have denims specially chosen for me. How kind I thought. How did they know I need new jeans?

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The value of simplicity and experimentation in learning programming

by Dave Darwent

BBC Micro by Steve Elliott CC BY-SA 2.0

Way back in 1984, when I was a secondary school pupil at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe school, my maths teacher, Mr. Gibbs, introduced me to the BBC model B microcomputer – which was the cutting edge of home and school computing technology at the time, and also to a game called L: A Mathemagical Adventure, which was produced by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM).

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The Power of Professional Networks

by Emma Goto

Image from Pixabay

After the fantastic TPEA conference in July, I was left invigorated by what people can do when they come together. It made me reflect upon another time in my life when I was part of a professional group that really made an impact.

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Global Education

by Andy Connell

Sat on the train to London on Friday 25/10/2019 reflecting that a week ago I was on the train to Euston in order to joint chair a conference on Global Education and Sustainability in the Curriculum. It was co-organised by the British Council and The Council for Subject Associations.

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by Andy Connell

Originally posted by twintherapists

It’s some time since I wrote this initial blog. I have to say I am disappointed in the missed opportunities for joined up thinking and collaboration. The expert group follows a familiar pattern and there seems to be a disjoin between the ECF and the ITE proposed core. As for the ITE Inspection framework, well let’s hope the pilots lead to positive changes.

It’s not too late folks.

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Teacher CPD: The shifting landscape

by Bernard Dady from BJDEDUCATION

“Student” by CollegeDegrees360 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Despite everyone’s best intentions, in-service professional learning for teachers remains one of the most poorly delivered aspects of our education system. Is the time right for Teacher CPD through e-learning? In this blog I reflect on my personal experience as both teacher learner and professional learning consultant/adviser and examine three solutions being promoted in the UK market today.

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