TPEA Award 2021: Intentions v Reality: What’s really going on for our learners when we use EdTech?

Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton

TPEA is proud to publish “Intentions v Reality: What’s really going on for our learners when we use EdTech?” by Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith.

Dr Aubrey-Smith was awarded the 2021 TPEA Research and Development Grant to support her research to identify and describe the gap between school intentions for the use of digital technology, and student realities when using that digital technology.

Her report, published now on the TPEA website, highlights the importance of pedagogy and the influence and significance of individual pedagogical beliefs. It describes the findings from a study of over 350 staff and students across two secondary schools and provides insights into the intentions of school leaders and classroom teachers when they adopt technology and how these relate to the lived experiences of students using digital technology in practice.

You can read Dr Aubrey-Smith’s report here.

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