by Andy Connell

Originally posted by twintherapists

It’s some time since I wrote this initial blog. I have to say I am disappointed in the missed opportunities for joined up thinking and collaboration. The expert group follows a familiar pattern and there seems to be a disjoin between the ECF and the ITE proposed core. As for the ITE Inspection framework, well let’s hope the pilots lead to positive changes.

It’s not too late folks.

Response to DfE Response: strengthening QTS

It’s been a long time since I looked forward to reading a government document on the way home on the train and even longer since one made me smile. I welcome this response and particularly the fact that DfE have clearly listened to the Profession. There are many positive proposals and a welcome recognition that, if they are to work, it is primarily the Profession, supported by Government, that will make them do so.

Essential now is that the expert groups have the right people. People who understand ITT and the subsequent challenges of being an NQT and of developing early career teachers. People who will genuinely consult with Subject Associations, the Chartered College, the best ITT providers and School Leaders with a track record of supporting the development of excellent teachers and collaborate with them in the production and implementation of the Early Career Framework and Specialist Qualifications. People who value research evidence and the need for an integrated approach to recruitment, training, retention and development of excellent teachers.

It is essential too that the next spending review ensures sufficient funding for these projects and the parallel work on recruitment, retention and the reduction of workload. If it’s well-resourced with joined up thinking and continued political will, perhaps we will see the positive impacts we all want. Certainly I believe the profession will do its best to make it work. Thanks for making me smile Damian Hinds.