Global Education



by Andy Connell

Sat on the train to London on Friday 25/10/2019 reflecting that a week ago I was on the train to Euston in order to joint chair a conference on Global Education and Sustainability in the Curriculum. It was co-organised by the British Council and The Council for Subject Associations.

Like many great events in arose out of initial conversations that sparked enthusiasm and then a few key people ran with it. We ended up with a room full of highly influential people from subjects, schools, education organisations and other key players.

It was great to hear case studies from England and internationally. Fascinating and thought provoking to see what Scotland has done in their school curriculum. More importantly, these important potential change makers were talking about what they could do to help embed these important topics throughout the curriculum.

Inspiring though it was, now the challenge is to really make it happen. I look forward to organising a future CfSA conference where the theme will be ‘what have you done?’