Research Funded By Associates

Members of MirandaNet have worked with associate companies for many years investigating the value of products and services in teaching and learning.

MirandaNet is now a partner of TPEA with many joint members and is sharing the knowledge and skills in this area so that TPEA can continue this tradition.

Teachers in these practice-based projects have come up with some inspiring research findings from the classroom that also are used to improve the tool or service being researched. Recent findings by teachers include; the merits of virtual reality and immersive reality in learning particularly for the less able; the ways in which homework programmes and school news feeds can engage parents in their children’s progress; how e-books can encourage reluctant readers; the success of digital resources like games, simulations, videos and quizzes in stimulating independent learning: the value of eye gaze tracking technology to support teachers assessment of PMLD pupils: and effective methods of deploying mobile devices. Other topics that schools have choose to explore include: Video based professional development; engaging reluctant readers; edtech skills development; holistic approaches to technology implementation; and renewal of the ICT infrastructure.

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