TPEA Resources and Support during the Coronavirus

Jon Audain

Jon Audain

Welcome to TPEA’s special computing page to support you during this time of the coronavirus. On this page, we present, a collection of resources and links designed to assist our members, the computing community and the general public over the coming weeks and months. As a professional organisation, we want this resource to grow particularly in these times when digital technologies are being harnessed more and more to develop teaching, learning and support as this crisis evolves, so do please return and share with your friends and colleagues…
As a professional organisation, we have been working with technology to support education for well over 35 years.  On this page, you will find both a collection of materials created specifically by us that we hope may be of assistance during the current health crisis.
Encourage children to explore the use of technology from three different perspectives:
  • Technology as a tool
    Where technology as a physical object is used to support learning (e.g. computer, digital camera, mobile technology, VR/AR/MR, assistive technology). The tool is the focus.
  • Technology as a subject
    The teaching the subject matter of technology (branching databases, graphic packages, spreadsheets, LOGO, desktop publishing, coding, digital citizenship, digital health & well being, e-safety). This supports children in developing their specific subject content knowledge.
  • Technology across the curriculum
    The use of technology to support the teaching of another curriculum subject. Be mindful of which curriculum objectives you are serving. (For example, the use of Google Earth in a geography lesson may develop geographical skills but may only develop a limited technology skill)
In addition, if you are one of our TPEA Associates, have either produced or discovered a resource that you feel would add to this collection, please don’t hesitate to let us know either by email us via or by tweeting the resource to us @TPEAssociation or by using the #TPEA hashtag.

Section A – Teachers delivering lessons/support remotely

The resources in this section are aimed at teachers and other computing  educators who wish to provide support, resources and activities for their students…


Online meetings, conferences and collaborative tools
With the increasing possibility of closure of schools, colleges and universities, and meetings and conferences being discouraged. there are a range of options and tools to help keep in touch. Some of these providers are now offering these tools free to schools  for a limited time.
  • Google Hangouts Google’s cloud based conferencing
  • Jitsi Open Source Video Conferencing
  • Skype best known app for  video chat and voice calls between computers, and devices, needs installing
  • Whereby Browser based video-conferencing, no software to install, instant connection, various price plans from free to business. Includes screen sharing and recording.
  • Zoom business video-conferencing and phone software, various price plans from free to business and also education plans. Being widely used in education at the moment
  • Explore the use of Explain Everything EDU (Paid app) This app provides a way of recording audio at the same time as you using the whiteboard. An extremely useful app for screencasting whereby you can upload your PowerPoint and then add audio to each of the slides. An interactive web browser can also be added to the screen. A good idea for supporting parents and like having their teacher with them. The output is saved as a video that can be uploaded to you website, blog or virtual learning environment.
  • The Book Creator apps allow you as a teacher to make your own multimedia books/worksheets. Final books can be exported as a pdf. (
  • Google Classroom

Section B – Computing activities to do at home

Section B is for those at home with children and who wish to provide activities using digital technologies…


Section C – Teacher and Student Teacher

Section C is to support our community with their professional development during the coronavirus pandemic …