TPEA Honorary Members

Honorary memberships are awarded to individuals who have made a significant and sustained contribution to TPEA or its predecessor association ITTE.

The following have been awarded honorary memberships of the organisation.


Marilyn Leask

Marilyn Leask was involved in the introduction of computers into schools in the 80s and since then has worked consistently on ways in which digital technologies can improve teaching and learning and ways in which technologies can be used for support professional development. She is an expert on knowledge management in education using digital technologies to provide access to the evidence and knowledge base for teacher education and classroom practice. She is chair of the Education Futures Collaboration ( which is developing and testing out new forms of publishing online through MESHGuides. She is co-editor of the Learning to Teach in the Secondary School series of textbooks which include several texts on the use of digital technologies in education. Marilyn has been a long-time member of ITTE and held a number of significant committee roles. She has mentored and supported new and experienced colleagues and helped many members to develop their careers.

This honorary award is made to acknowledge the global impact of her work and her commitment and support to our organisation and its members.

Christina Preston

Christina Preston is a long-standing member and supporter of TPEA, a long-time committee member and a previous Chair of ITTE. She has been at the forefront of education, technology and innovation for over 25 years. The MirandaNet Fellowship she founded in 1992 has become a global thought leader in edtech with over 1,200 members in 80 countries. She has won 5 international awards for education innovation and for building communities of practice and led several high-profile research projects and evaluations across the world.

This honorary award is made to acknowledge her international impact on our field and also the strong support and mentorship that she has offered to those joining the field and finding their place within our community.


Pete Bradshaw

Dr Pete Bradshaw has been a long time member of ITTE and a member of the national executive Committee from 2006-2016, initially voted onto the committee, then taking up the role of Treasurer.

As an ITTE member, Pete held a deep interest in teaching and learning and the professional development of both in-service and pre-service teachers.

Pete was very active in collaborating on the ITTE/BBC project, called the ‘Schools News Report,’ in which initial teacher education providers worked with trainee teachers during their school placement to support this BBC News project. This led to the successful publication of a number of articles that examined trainee teachers emerging professional identity through this project & the opportunities for trainees to engage in school leadership.


David Longman

David has been a valued member of the ITTE community and has made a huge contribution to the association over the years. He has been a long standing member of the ITTE Executive Committee and supported the work of ITTE in a number of different roles. Over the years, David has been a regular contributor to ITTE conferences and played a major role supporting new members of the association through the New Tutors scheme.

Most recently, he has been responsible for managing the transition of the ITTE website to a new WordPress site and setting up new email distribution lists. David will be sadly missed from the Committee because of his wealth of experience over the many years that he has been an active member of the association.

Tony Fisher

Tony Fisher, Assistant Professor at Nottingham University, has been a long standing and active member, and Chair, of ITTE.  He has been managing the distribution lists for ITTE for many years.  Tony has supported, attended and presented at many of our conferences and Research conferences.  Tony has also been active in the development of ITTE’s journal, Technology, Pedagogy and Education, and is a member of the Editorial Board.

As an ITTE member, Tony held a deep interest in teaching and learning which informed his interest in computers, as well and his commitment to developing the ITTE community.  Tony’s support in facilitating the national online email discussion forum has continued until 2016.  This discussion email has provided members with a valuable professional space for informed dialogue and has been much appreciated by all ITTE members.


Margaret Danby

Margaret is a retired education consultant who specialised in the use of ICT for teaching and learning and in the professional development of teachers. She has considerable experience in project management, evaluation, quality assurance and school inspection, and the development and delivery of training programmes and materials for teachers and teacher trainers. She was manager of the TDA-funded Subject Resource Network, which has provided support to new initial teacher training tutors between 2003 – 2009.

Margaret was formerly a primary school teacher and senior manager, an advisory teacher for ICT and leader and manager of teacher ICT support and training services at local authority level and nationally for the National Council for Educational Technology (NCET).


Steve Kennewell

Steve has worked tirelessly as Editor in chief on the journal for many years and has made a valuable contribution to ITTE over the last two decades. Steve played an instrumental role in the ITTE research conferences at the Möller Centre too. As journal editor, Steve played a valuable and collaborative role in supporting ITTE colleagues to get published. His advice regards publishing was always insightful, pertinent and invaluable.  ITTE will continue to benefit from his expertise & wisdom in his new honorary role.


Margaret Cox

Margaret Cox has been a leading figure in the field of ICT in Education, both in the UK and internationally, for many years. She supported those involved in Teacher Education from the start, and has always been a good critical friend of ITTE. In recent years, she was more directly involved in initial teacher education for ICT/Computing as a subject, and contributed to ITTE’s work in that field. Margaret’s contributions to conferences, the newsletter and other initiatives have been numerous and valuable. She has always emphasised the key role of research concerning ICT in learning and the need for teacher educators to use, build on, and undertake research. Margaret has been keen to nurture the younger members of the ITTE community and help them to develop their research. In these respects, her contributions to the regular ITTE research seminars in Cambridge have been particularly significant. Margaret was awarded an OBE in 2001 for services to education, and ITTE is privileged to have received so much personal support from her over many years.

Neil Stanley

Neil has been a valuable member of the ITE community and ITTE in particular. He has been an ITTE committee member, a member of the team that created the ICT Tutors web-site and a regular attendee and presenter at ITTE conferences. He has contributed to the induction sessions for new ICT tutors at ITTE conferences and has, for many years, acted as the unofficial conference photographer, recording both formal and informal moments. He has acted as a mentor for new ICT tutors and has always been an encouraging and friendly colleague. He has been a regular contributor to the ITTE Newsletter with a very useful and much valued section on web-links and new resources, as well as book reviews.

Chris Higgins
Chris was a founder member of ITTE in 1986, soon taking on the role of treasurer. He has served the association well since then, providing continuity and sagacious advice to the committee. His careful management of the association funds has ensured the financial sustainability of the organisation.
Graham Jarvis
Graham has been an enthusiastic supporter of ITTE for many years and served as Vice-Chair from 2003 to 2005 and then Chair from 2005 to 2007. His work with ITTE, particularly as Chair, has supported the development and maintenance of effective links between the association and external agencies. His commitment to promoting communication led to his appointment as newsletter editor.


Tim Tarrant

For supporting ITTE by direct involvement, enthusiasm and quietly working on behalf of providers.  Tim had a powerful influence on the ITTE community through his efforts to put strategy into the TDA and departmental funding of IT and ICT in teacher education.  ITTEmembers have reaped the benefits of the support he has given through his role as ICT Team leader at the TDA, as leader of a team in the DfES ICT in Schools Division responsible for teacher training and staff development in ICT and laptop schemes for teachers, through his support of ICT in education in its widest sense and directly through his attendance and participation at ITTE conferences.


Roger Keeling

For his unstinting support and active involvement in ITTE at all levels since the inception of ITTE, which have played a significant part in the development of the association.  Roger was one of the founding members of ITTE in 1987 and served as its first chairman.  He has great vision and the tenacity to see things through.  He led the successful bids for the ICT Tutors Induction Project and provided effective leadership to the Project’s steering group on behalf of ITTE and the other associations in the IT Network.  As a result, many ICT tutors new to initial teacher education have benefited.

Professor Stephen Heppell

For his inspiration, enthusiasm and commitment to developing and helping ITTE.  Stephen was a leading member of the group that helped to found ITTE.  He was a member of the first committee elected in July 1987, and became its second chairman in 1989.  He initiated the ITTE newsletter and was the first editor.  He was also a leading light in the creation and launch of our journal JITTE (now TPE) in 1991, and served on the Editorial Board until 1998.  Stephen helped to coordinate the ITTE submission to the Trotter Expert Group on IT in Teacher Education, which was the first occasion that ITTEfunctioned as a national pressure group.  After gaining his Chair at Anglia Polytechnic University and setting up Ultralab, he continued to contribute to ITTE activities.  He was instrumental in securing a significant hardware donation to ITTE member institutions from Apple UK.  He has been a regular attendee at ITTEevents and conferences over the years, delivering many thought provoking and entertaining keynotes and workshops.  He has always been an innovator and without his initiative and foresight, ITTE would not be the organisation it is today.

Professor Avril Loveless

For her enthusiasm for others’ work and support for new members.  Avril was chair of ITTEfrom 1999 to 2001 and for many years was editor of Technology, Pedagogy and Education.  She managed the transition of the journal from JITTE, and saw it both continue to develop and consolidate its position internationally.  She provided extensive personal supportive feedback to authors for whom their submitted paper, initially unsuccessful, was their first and hence made a contribution to capacity building among new members joining the international community of researchers in technology in education.  Avril also had a role in initiating the association’s research seminars and in these, and other conferences, she always made time to engage, encourage and support new members.  Her own work on ICT and Creativity in teacher education has been inspirational.

Libby Jared

For her indefatigable work as newsletter editor and research conference organiserover so many years.  In these roles she showed not only her vision for the intellectual and community development of ITTE, but also her selfless and unassuming approach to working hard behind the scenes to make sure that things happened to the benefit of ITTE members.  Libby has been the ‘heart and conscience’ of ITTE over many years.  She has always approached her activity in a principled and collegiate manner, and is held in enormous affection by so many in the community.