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Next Generation Learning - The implementation plan for 2010–2013

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March 1, 2010


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Secretary of State



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By disapplying the ICT programme of study from September this year schools will be able to offer a more creative and challenging curriculum, drawing on support and advice from those best positioned to judge what an ambitious and forward-looking curriculum should contain.


This three-year plan was first published in April 2008 and then revised and re-issued in June 2009. It has now been updated again to cover the period from 2010 to 2013, building on the progress made during the past year. You can read about this in Progress through harnessing technology: A year in the FE and skills sector. Please visit www.becta.org.uk/publications and go to the further education and skills section.

We have written this plan for practitioners, leaders and managers working in the further education (FE) and skills sector, for their representative bodies and interest groups and for national agencies and policy makers. (By ‘FE and skills’, we mean the wide range of organisations that make up the learning and skills sector and the national partners responsible for planning, funding and quality improvement.)

If you would like to offer your views on how technology could be used in FE and skills, please join the conversation at http://collaboration.becta.org.uk/ community/feandskills. We want to hear from colleges and providers, especially those that have not yet joined the discussion, and from learners and employers too.

We will report the progress of this plan on the Becta site (www.becta.org.uk), in newsletters and via other channels.

Evidence indicates that recent curriculum and qualifications reforms have not led to significant improvements in the teaching of ICT, and the number of students progressing to further study in ICT-related subjects is in decline. Furthermore, the ICT curriculum in its current form is viewed as dull and demotivating for pupils. Its teaching may not equip pupils adequately for further study and work, may leave them disenchanted or give rise to negative perceptions that turn them off the subject completely.

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